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Genetic Counseling Center
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Hospital History Online

Genetic Counseling Center

Realizing that newborn screening is highly important for diagnosing and treating genetic diseases, in 1984, the Department of Health, Executive Yuan (行政院衛生署) asked TVGH to establish the Genetic Counseling Center (遺傳諮詢中心), and hope that the establishment of the center can help patients to learn more about the importance of newborn screening and treating genetic diseases. Based on relevant rules, TVGH invited experts of all fields to join the center and received regular certification checks from the government, hoping to provide the most needed medical advice and treatment to patients and their families. The Genetic Counseling Center has a unified contact point which aims to bring together the resources of domestic and overseas organizations, as well as the ones across medical departments in TVGH. Our services are centered on patients and their families, and we do our best to diagnose, examine, and counsel in terms of hereditary diseases. We want our patients to receive sufficient diagnosis resources, medical care, and social support. We also have a combined outpatient clinic specifically for rare hereditary diseases, which is participated by medical doctors, nutritionists, physical therapists, social workers, psychiatrists, and hereditary counsellors.

With concerted efforts, significant results have been achieved: 1. We are the world's No.1 hospital in treating phenylketonuria caused by medicine. 2. We invented a method for diagnosing lysosomal storage disorders, and found out that Taiwan's rate of the cardiac variant of Fabry disease is the highest of the world. 3. We discovered through research that the Tao people of the Orchid Island have the world’s highest rate of homocystinuria and hereditary retinitis pigmentos, and established a medical care and transfer mechanism for this. 4. We carried out two-thirds of Taiwan’s newborn screening. 5. We set up a logistics center for special food and medicine for patients with rare diseases.

We aspire to become a global-level center for diagnosing hereditary diseases and a clinic and health examination transfers.

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