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Comprehensive Breast Health Center
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Comprehensive Breast Health Center

Early detection of breast cancer can ensure timely treatment. However, a long wait for screening results often makes the patient feel scared, anxious, and pressured, because she thinks she might have breast cancer. Thus, we established an integrated, patient-centered service channel for breast cancer patients, to provide them with fast, convenient, and tailored services. Experts of all fields were gathered up to provide "seamless services," building a medical care network that linked up all steps in the process, such as initial visits, medical checks, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up tracking. Our aim was to provide the best treatment and care for women in Taiwan.

In September 2016, we founded the Comprehensive Breast Health Center (乳房醫學中心) to put all related outpatient clinics and breast-cancer MRI together in one single area. The resources which breast cancer patients need, such as tumor diagnosis, reconstruction, radiology, rehabilitation, Chinese medicine, and nutrition and medication counseling, can all be found here. Patients don't have to go to outpatient clinics in various departments and examining rooms. The Center's one-stop mechanism allows patients to enjoy medical services at once. Patients first - that is our principle. 

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