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Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery and Endoscopy
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Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery and Endoscopy

As technology advances, people expect to receive higher quality medical care by the year.  The main goals are: as little risk as possible, the cut of a surgery should be small and graceful, the lowest level of pain, and quick recovery. Thus, minimally invasive surgery has become a trend. In light of this, TVGH established the Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery and Endoscopy (微創及內視鏡中心), bringing together professional teams from orthopaedics, thoracic surgery, and cardiovascular surgery departments while introducing the latest equipment so as to provide the most comprehensive care. With the advancement of medical technology, minimally invasive surgery has become more refined. Surgeons can keep incisions smaller with the use of endoscopy and all kinds of imaging technologies. This reduces harm done to surrounding muscles and tissues, minimalizing after-surgery pain, recovery time, and days of hospitalization. Patients can thus pick up their lives quickly again.   

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